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Strong points


International Master’s degree

The master will be taught entirely in English. In this way, our graduates will be able to work into a global labor market and also it is promoted the attraction of international talent from abroad. 


The Master is focused on three key areas of expertise in bioinformatics: Genomics, Drug Design and High Performance Computing, areas in which the UAB has consolidated its expertise and leadership.

Highly qualified and multidisciplinary faculty

Students are taught by a team of leading academics and researchers from the UAB. In addition, students benefit from a programme of visiting lecturers with external professionals who are in constant contact with research industry and business.

The Masters aims to promote academic and professional guidance as a key element in the teaching-learning process. We advise our students from the registration and tuition until the delivery of their final master’s thesis. (Read more)

Bioinformatics resources

The Master has its own technological platform to provide the software and hardware infrastructure needed to carry out the teaching and practice of the course.

Professional success

  • Networking with research centers and business partners
  • Wide offer of internships position in companies and research centers
  • Advice and guidance to students
  • High options to continue PhD studies
  • Job vacancies
  • Monitoring the rate of job placement 

List summarizing strong points

  • Intensive training in one academic year
  • Two complementary background of students: Bioscience vs Non-Bioscience graduates
  • Career, research and academic counseling
  • Teaching in English
  • Highly qualified teaching staff with research and professional experience
  • International and highly selected students
  • Learning curricula consistent, modular and progressive
  • Specialization profiles well defined: i) Genomics ii) Structure and function of proteins and drug design; iii) High performance computing in bioinformatics and big data analysis
  • Tutoring system and personalized guidance of students
  • Web 2.0 Learning Platform: web portal, online student portfolio, permanent teaching material, mentoring, slides, exercises, colaborative databases, computing exercises in the cloud, surveys, continous grading,  open positions offers, askQ_manager asqQ_Professors, ...)
  • All day open access to the bioinformatics lab exclusive for master students
  • Mobility and exchange of students
  • Arrangements of scholarships and grants to finance the master
  • Quantity and quality of recipient groups of trainees
  • Bioinformatics jobs/PhD positions
  • Tracking the post-master success of our students 
  • Master Accreditation with Excellence - European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education




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MSc in Bioinformatics
Master in Bioinformatics
Faculty Biosciences, University Autonoma Barcelona (UAB)

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MSc in Bioinformatics 

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